Welcome to the Design Room...

This is the Design Room take off your shoes kick back and enjoy the eye candy slowly but surely we'll be adding some heat to the room
the kreativity will definitley be in full gear so with out further ado enjoy!!!!!!!

New Projects and Clients

I would like to personally thank my clients both new and old for your trust in with your brands and ideas hopefully there's more projects in the future we can work on together....check out the work

Kreativelogiik Designs

Design studio based in cali we do things differently, we create the concept design the concept and execute the concept...


Apparel and accessories designed for the nerds and the streets first season dropping soon

Blue Flame Tech

Tech Company that deals in PC Repairs and custom PC Builds....

Ubuntu Psychological Services

Psychologist that offers programs and services for women of color

Design is a Culture

Design is a Culture is a campaign that will tell the story of design and phases of the past present and future

Just Wazaa

Just Wazaa formerly known as Wazaa Ardhi, is a lifestyle brand that is undergoing re branding and re messaging.

Youngs Precision Tool Grinding

Tool grinding shop