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Coming from Los Angeles, California Brian Thomas first started coding and drawing in the early 1990's, he also was a fan of taking apart computers and reconstructing them to perform better than when he first acquired them.

He started coding and building websites when Adobe had a website of tutorials on how to build and code websites from there he taught himself a new skill on the whole creative suite every month, but he new making visual pleasing aesthetics was his passion from motion graphics to web and graphic design this was what he wanted to do for a career.

But just making things was not enough he wanted learn how things worked on the back end so he learned and took some courses in web and app development which was followed by desktop and game development.

He also learned how to run and build up a IT department running windows server 2012 all the way to present running servers on Windows Server 2019

Every year Kreativelogiik keeps up with latest trends in SEO and design best practices for the mainstream businesses but also designs by his own rules according to layout styles out today!!!!

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