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About Us....

Kreativelogiik Studios is a place where business owners and individuals with message/idea can come turn their ideas and product into a visual message/app to reach your audience or a proper or poppin' store front to attract your old or new customers...Below is just a few of our talents....give us call so we can start working on your project today!!!!.....

  • Web/App  Design/Development
  • Graphic Design/ Branding/Logo design/ Marketing Materials and Design
  • IT/Cloud servicing and backup/Network Installation/PC install/Custom PC Build/ PC and Laptop repair/ Server Installation/ Web Hosting/backup.....
  • Video Game Design and Development...Coming Soon
    3D Character Development...Coming Soon
  • Video Editing and post production/ Visual Effects

Web Design/Development

We us Dreamweaver and a program we have developed in house below is our process on how we do things as far as web and app design/development

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a main staple of our company next to making code into a masterpiece we also make a vision and idea into a masterpiece using outside the box techniques and design cues from trends and brainstorm, from a clothing collection, to marketing materials we have you covered 

Logo Design/Branding

Logos and Branding tell the world what your company is all about what you're selling...Generally you want your logo to give a peek into story of the company and the product...we have the skill level to produce the perfect logo and branding promotions for your company.

Custom PC Build/Repair

If its broken, needs to be upgraded/rebuilt or you just want a new PC or Laptop we can help you.  Setup of office pc's and networks and servers along with it solutions we have what you need here...

We use different type of cloud apps and systems to develop and test....

Security is key when it comes to web and app development..

Mobile Development of apps and gaming is becoming the way we work and play...

Communication is key between client and developer/designer its important to process of creating perfection

What we can do for you


Websites & Apps

Websites are a digital store front for your business or product you're trying to sell.  The vision we work together to put out to the customer is important to the first impressions of the current customers you have and new customers you gain by SEO and marketing....Our planning process is detailed depending the complexity of the site and the information we're conveying to our clients...

Software and Tools

We use Adobe XD which is what we use to wireframe websites and show functionality and flow for the UI/UX for the project and we use a hybrid of Dreamweaver and our own in house software i've personally built to help with accuracy and speed of code and structure.  Along with Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, After Effects and Premiere Pro for different projects and events that everything from video editing to marketing materials are needed

Custom PC Build, Gaming PCs, Office PCs, Windows Server Build

We can build any kind of PC for business, gaming, or personal use we use specific vendors and parts for specific projects and customers...from basic to extreme let me build you and or your company the perfect weapon to conquer your projects and entertainment......

Video Editing/Post Production

One of my passions is putting together a cinematic masterpiece using Adobe Premiere and After Effects, color correcting and sound editing visual production is a great way to make a message felt not just heard....

Graphic Editing/Design

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Animate, and host of other tools we use to create Logos, Branding Packages, Shirt designs, Web Design, 3d Models....Logo stings and visual effects..

IT Solutions/Cloud Servers/Physical Servers

Whether you're using Mac Server/Windows server I can work with both i generally work with server 2012 and 2016.  I use different companies when it comes to using cloud servers and storage servers...

Contact us

In our work we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions.

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